Marketing and Development

An airline can have a quality schedule, great prices, and an amazing product, but without a communication strategy, no one will know about it and worse won’t generate the revenues required to reach profitable targets. This is particularly critical for smaller, regional carriers that predominantly compete with the Highway or are trying to develop completely new routes without a lot of history.

On top of these challenges, retaining an advertising agency isn’t necessarily cost effective for all airlines. Embark provides a variety of services to help manage or develop your airline’s marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Good Marketing Strategy incorporates five key areas

Advertising Planning & Execution

Embark can help co-ordinate and manage an airline’s advertising strategy to generate the greatest impact. This includes working with key partners to develop creative, plan media, and execute the media plan. In addition, given our Pricing and Revenue Management experience, we can create and manage a price-point advertising strategy that meets DOT requirements and can easily be communicated with community partners


Trade and promotion delivers incremental, experiential media value and ROI leveraging travel trade, in lieu of cash investment. Embark develops programs for airlines that leverage trade effectively as part of their overall strategy – it’s a great way to build messaging with little to no advertising budget.

Co-operative Marketing

Airlines can augment their existing media budget significantly by forming co-operative marketing partnerships with communities, resorts, or other entities. Embark has extensive experience building similar program with partner airlines. Embark efficiently creates programs that leverage co-operative programs to augment working media budget.

Airport Marketing Incentive Programs

Airports and other community entities generally provide attractive marketing incentive programs to attract and develop new service. Often times, this is a time-consuming process that doesn’t quite fit with existing marketing strategy, or even more challenging if an airline doesn’t have an advertising strategy at all. Embark can develop, execute, and manage media plans leveraging airport marketing incentive funds earmarked for new service. In some cases this can be accomplished with no out of pocket expense to the airline.

In addition, with extensive media strategy experience with airlines, Embark can help airports create and utilize their marketing incentive programs. In some cases, airlines don’t want to use these funds, or don’t know how to use these funds. Airports can capitalize on Embark’s expertise to help these airlines use their eligible funds – a win for the airline – and a win for the airport.

Market Development

Embark can develop and manage day-to-day relationships with communities to develop routes, identify revenue guarantee markets, and manage DOT air service programs (including EAS and SCASD grants). With Embark’s extensive experience in Network Planning, Embark has worked with both airline and airport clients to build route cases for EAS bids, develop Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) grants, and negotiate Revenue Guarantee partnerships. This not only includes the overall development of the business case, but also includes engagement with local government and tourism entities, key business partners, as well potential airline service providers.

So how does it all come together? Here’s an example of how Embark pulls all the components above to execute on a typical airline price point advertising strategy:

Advertising Strategy