Fleet Planning

Few things define an airline more than the aircraft that a carrier flies.  Making sure your aircraft are the best suited for your specific market needs, both now and into the future, is especially important for any airline. Furthermore, no other investment for an airline carries as much financial risk, and potential upside, as a fleet decision.

Embark is positioned to support partner airlines in this important area.  In everything from configuration (LOPA) exercises, to the full-scale evaluation of a new fleet order, Embark has both the experience and technical capability to support such a decision.

Fleet Solution

With any fleet solution, Embark is well equipped to evaluate the operational, financial, and commercial considerations of any change.  Our experience ranges from small turboprop aircraft to large, multi-billion-dollar mainline aircraft orders.

Outside of the traditional spill modeling and performance analysis, good fleet planning should lean heavily on most of a company’s divisions, and in this regard the broad experience of the Embark team is of value to partner airlines.

Cross Divisional Support of Fleet Planning

Operational Financial Commercial

Given the considerable investment involved, and long term implications, of any fleet decision, Embark’s experience and proficiency in this area can be valuable for partner airlines.