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Airline Scheduling and Distribution

Designing airline schedules to be competitive, profitable and

operationally efficient.

A well-developed flight schedule is critical for ticket sales, crew member assignments, aircraft maintenance, airport coordination, and connections to partner airlines. It is essentially the airline’s product and is foundational to every aspect of the business.

The Embark team successfully manages a full spectrum of airline scheduling services for our partners. This includes long term out-sourcing of scheduling, as well as short term ‘temp’ support for airlines who need resources while in the process of hiring.


Our airline scheduling services include:

  • Long term schedule development
  • Routine route and frequency planning logistics
  • Routine schedule development and design
  • Schedule distribution and publication
  • Block time analysis and schedule optimization

Our team is proficient in many scheduling and distribution systems, including AmeliaRes, Crane, Radixx, OASIS, SITA Horizons, Videcom, Zenith, Sabre Schedule Manager, and more. Given our in-depth knowledge of these systems, we easily help optimize your scheduling distribution.