What We Do

We’re so much more than a consulting firm.

Embark Aviation’s mission is to become the leading commercial airline planning resource in the world. With a talented team of transportation industry experts, Embark provides structured and data-driven commercial planning and management solutions for airlines and related transportation companies.

Embark is not a traditional consulting firm – we are a team of airline management experts focused on your airline to maximize commercial efficiencies and reduce associated costs. In addition to consulting service, Embark takes it to the next level and helps airlines implement and manage the process. Our customizable
program allows our partners to reprioritize needs by selecting services that enhance the business and receive the greatest return on investment.

We offer a three step program to help airlines realize their full potential:


Embark has two primary North American offices located in Washington, DC. and Seattle, WA. Our offices are strategically located on both coasts to ensure availability to all North and South American time zones. For added convenience, we have team members located remotely throughout the U.S.