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Airline Revenue Management

Maximizing revenues through disciplined pricing and
inventory management.

The airline industry is highly competitive and dynamic and requires an equally dynamic process for managing revenue throughout the broad booking window of a flight.  Embark RM experts continuously maximize revenue by balancing load factor (generate demand and fill seats) and optimizing yields (quality of the fare paid) across all flights in each airline’s unique network.


Today, Embark manages over $50 million in revenues across many of our airline partners. Our team covers a full range of Pricing and Revenue Management services. This includes long term out-sourcing of Pricing and Revenue Management, as well as short term ‘temp’ support for airlines who need resources while in the process of hiring.

Our services include:

  • Public/Private fare setup, rules coding, etc. (ATPCO and/or directly into a PSS/Reservation system)
  • Training
  • Routine fare maintenance
  • Retail pricing program development & maintenance
  • Ancillary setup and maintenance
  • OTA retail pricing program development & maintenance
  • Market set-up (inventory allocation, seasonality, business rules, etc.)
  • Market strategy reviews
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of flights
  • MyID Travel fare filings

Our team is proficient in several pricing and revenue management systems, including ATPCO, airRM, Sabre Revenue Management systems, AmeliaRes, Radixx, SITA Horizons, and Videcom.