Network Planning

Almost no other function covers as many divisions as airline route planning (network planning) and getting it right is a critical piece of success for any airline. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Embark team is particularly well versed in this area, and has overseen network planning responsibilities at regional, niche, and major airlines. Our process, experience, and capabilities let your airline know when and where to put airplanes.

Network Planning

We have considerable experience and access to the industry’s leading data to support decisions. This can be coupled with a carrier’s internal data to provide Embark and our partner airlines the greatest visibility into their existing environment. From there, we can determine an anticipated forecast by modeling expected changes in demand, fare, competitive capacity, connectivity, or the macro environment.

ForecastWhile evaluating network planning decisions, both within and outside a partner airline’s network, Embark is considering all variables.

In addition to route forecasting, network planning is a continuous process that evaluates the full horizon of an airline’s open schedule. Our airline partners leverage our experience in everything from short-term frequency planning to long term strategic plans.

Short Term to Long Term

Finally, network planning involves the continuous optimization of individual routes – pulling together the collaborative efforts of Revenue Management, Network Planning, Scheduling, Market Profitability, and Marketing in what we call the Market Performance Cycle. Network Planning evaluates each component and works with teams to constantly maximize performance.

Market Performance Cycle

Network Planning, despite being such a critical function for an airline, can often be a difficult function for regional airlines and niche carriers to economically source. Even the largest carriers have small Network Planning departments relative to other parts of the organization, and the talent pool is inherently more limited. Also, not all carriers require a full Network Planning resource, but instead could leverage support on a project or partial head basis.  In these scenarios, Embark acts as the perfect support function.