Why Attend

EPIC was created to bring together leaders of airline partnerships, distribution, and commercial planning organizations.

The summit facilitates meetings and network opportunities between carriers to discuss all manner of cooperative ticket distribution.


The inaugural EPIC Summit will be hosted at the Waldorf Astoria in Panama City, Panama.

Attendees will get to experience the Hub of the Americas and meet with counterparts from North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.


Who's Attending

EPIC Americas is an Exclusive Invite Only Event

To maximize the effectiveness of the Summit, individual meetings, and networking opportunities, the inaugural EPIC Americas 2024 will be an invite-only event capped at 50 attendees.

To confirm your attendance, promptly provide notice to your contact at Embark Aviation or email us at Epic@embarkaviation.com.


EPIC will pre-schedule meetings in accordance with attendees where there is mutual interest in advance of attendance. Attendees can capitalize on network opportunities by securing meetings at the Summit.


In addition to structured meetings, multiple social events are planned to facilitate networking. This includes three industry ‘fireside chats’ hosted by Embark Aviation and will feature major, regional, and start-up airline leadership from across the industry.

Open Sections

Throughout, adequate flex time will be provided for additional breakout sessions amongst attendees, as well as further follow-ups.

Hotel Booking

The EPIC Summit will be hosted at the Waldorf Astoria in Panama, with room rates confirmed at $154 USD.

Once registration has been confirmed with Embark Aviation, attendees will be directed to a payment portal from the Waldorf Astoria for hotel booking.

CITY: Panama City (PTY)

HOTEL: Waldorf Astoria Panama

ADDRESS: 47th St. Panama City, Panama

To learn more about the event, attendance, or sponsorship visit the link below or email us directly at Epic@Embarkaviation.com